Swap Meet on main street

No Money Involved Here...

This swap meet is purely an exchange of goods for goods. Bring in your items, shop the tables and leave with different items. Your books, dvds and cds are the currency.

What can I bring to swap?

Books, DVDs and Music CDs

No other items will be accepted for swapping.


Books of all kinds, paper back romances, classic novels, cookbooks, comics - whatever you have that you've read and want to swap! 


Tired of watching the same old dvds? Bring them in and refresh your library.  Movies, tv shows and kids programming welcome. No adult content, please.


Let the music play! Dust off those cds and bring them in to swap for other genres and artists. Pick some random music and explore new sounds.

What happens to the leftovers?

After the event, whatever items have not been swapped will be donated to a local community charity resale store.